The Penguin Lady is a Salt Lake City Based Dance Collective that creates movement focusing on authentic human stories.

The Penguin Lady Dance Collective (TPLDC), lead by Natosha Washington, consists of professional performers, educators, and choreographers who are passionate about dance and movement. TPLCD's goal is to provide access for audience members of all backgrounds and ages to connect with and relate to the stories we tell through dance in professional concerts, interactive performances, and lecture demonstrations.

We, The Collective, value connection with the audience. We accomplish this by using emotion, vulnerability, and impact in our human storytelling.

We value the individual and what it means to be human - the complexities, simplicities, and the parts of life people may be apprehensive and unwilling to discuss. who we are, as a stripped down authentic human being, is the core and foundation of our work.

Dancers: Eileen Rojas & Rosy Goodman Tennant (with cameos by baby Sebastian & baby Benjamin)